2008 Queen Pageant CourtQueen: Mikaela Meacham

Mikaela is a 2004 graduate of McKinley High School and recently graduated from The Ohio State University. She plans on practicing cardiovascular perfusion while pursuing a medical degree. Mikaela's family and friends describe her as humble, perky, goal-oriented, sincere and optimistic - all the qualities needed by a Queen! When not volunteering for the American Red Cross or the DST Food Drive, she enjoys painting, rock climbing, horseback riding, baking and then - of course - eating!


Court Member: Sabrina Heather

Sabrina recently graduated from Central Catholic High School and will attend Ohio University. After completing college, she hopes to move to New York City to work at a publishing house - and perhaps write a novel or two. Her family and friends describe her as a good listener, witty and genuine. When not giving her time to St. Peter's Church Altar Service or the Thanksgiving and Christmas basket drives, she likes to read, dance, swim and travel. Sarah will escort Enshrinee Fred Dean.


Court Member: Jessica Jedel

Jessica graduated from Jackson High School in 2004 and from Kent State University last year. Family is very important to her, so she hopes to pursue a career either in teaching children with special needs or becoming a family law attorney. She is described by those who know her as positive, energetic, compassionate, confident and full of smiles! Jessica has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers/Big Sisters, while also finding time to create care packages for our troops, paint, draw and cook. Jessica will escort Enshrinee Darrell Green.


Court Member: Sarah Milligan

Sarah is a recent graduate of McKinley High School and will soon begin work on a bachelor's degree in nursing with the ultimate goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. She will be served well in that pursuit by the attributes noted by her family and friends, who say that she is intelligent, hard-working, loyal and a bit of a renaissance woman! In line with her interest in nursing, she has volunteered at Aultman Hospital and has participated in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure. In what little spare time she has, she enjoys reading and shopping with her three sisters. Sarah will escort Enshrinee Art Monk.


Court Member: Carly Morgan

Carly graduated from Northwest High School and attends The Ohio State University College of Nursing, with the goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. She also has volunteered at Aultman Hospital and has given time to the Ohio Reads program. Friends and family describe Carly as caring, helpful, responsible and hard-working - qualities that will serve her well in all endeavors. As a way to unwind, she enjoys exercise, painting, decorating and reading. Carly will escort Enshrinee Emmitt Thomas.


Court Member: Ashanti Murdock

Ashanti just graduated from Jackson High School and will continue her education at Ohio University, with the ultimate goal of teaching special education in order to help students realize and pursue their dreams. She has worked with grades K through 2, and is a member of Readers Are Leaders. People who know Ashanti describe her as kind, determined, positive and thoughtful. As you would expect of a Court member, she enjoys tea parties, dancing, modeling, singing, but most importantly, spending time with family. Ashanti will escort Enshrinee Andre Tippett.


Court Member: Emily Woolf

Emily is a recent graduate of Louisville High School and will continue her studies at Malone College this fall, with her sights set on becoming a nurse. She has a long list of community volunteer activities, including working in inner city homeless shelters and giving her time to the Stark County Hunger Task Force and Shelter for Women and Children. Friends and family describe Emily as outgoing, funny and happy-go-lucky. When she needs to get away from the hustle and bustle, she enjoys music, reading and knitting. Emily will escort Enshrinee Gary Zimmerman.