3-D Business Accelerator, an entrepreneurial resource center, has announced their first location is set to open in Canton, Ohio. 3-D Business Accelerator accelerates business growth through offering the resources necessary to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. 3-D Business Accelerator is an extension of BDeWees Consulting. With over 60 years of professional business consulting experience, 3-D Business Accelerator will be able to offer several new growth opportunities to the businesses in Canton. 3-D Business Accelerator helps companies develop through management consulting, acquisitions and divestitures, business coaching, operational improvement, organizational structure, marketing solutions, and technology solutions. They are a one-stop shop to helping any business reach the next level. They will open the Canton office with 3-D Property Development, U.S. Electrical Solutions, PowerLink Electrical Sales, U.S. Electrical Staffing, StrongBase Consulting and COSO Media already in the business accelerator. The business accelerator will also be interviewing potential companies to enter the accelerator. “People have already been asking me: why open a business accelerator when so many local colleges have one,” explained 3-D Business Accelerator CEO, Bernie DeWees, “What sets us apart from them is that we can offer companies and young entrepreneurs professional business consulting and financial resources in an expedited manner. Unlike several other business accelerators or business incubator programs, we are not government or grant funded which gives us more latitude to help companies. We plan on working with the local government funded agencies when it is appropriate for our clients. There are clients that the government-funded agencies are a great fit for and then there are the clients that need the expertise and flexibility of an entrepreneur that has the proven track record. At the end of the day depending on the entrepreneur and the business opportunity we will recommend the best solution.” CEO Bernie DeWees wants to help the companies he strongly believes in to enter the 3-D Business Accelerator where he can help them be more productive and profitable. In addition to business consultants, financial resources, marketing, and technology solutions, the business accelerator will also be offering co-working opportunities. Co-Working is a collaborative workspace created specifically for today’s workforce and entrepreneurs. They will have office space and supplies available to rent with customized plans and prices to fit flexible working needs. To apply to be in the business accelerator or to view more information on co-working,