Sat. 4/28
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Community Event
Join everyone at St. Paul's Lutheran Church
127 Cherry Road NE
Massillon, OH
Questions? 330-499-3900

Listen to the Earth…what is it saying? What are YOU doing to protect this beloved land of ours?

The music will get you tapping your toes, smile, cry, and hopefully cause you to think about this great land of ours. You'll hear: "What a Wonderful World," "The Crawdad Song," "How Great Thou Art," "Two Critters," (that you'd find in parks?) "Colors of the Wind," "Climb Every Mountain," "To My Old Brown Earth," (a Pete Seeger song) Toto's "Africa" and several others. Listen to the Earth will hopefully spark ideas in your head as to what you can do to keep this land around. In the words of "Emerald Stream," (a song written by a 17 year old) it says:
For danger lurks in this great garden;
The Lord will visit once again
To see what we have done.

As God is the shepherd and we are the sheep,
We our mother Earth must keep.
Maintain the air, protect the deep…

Listen to the Earth and hear her cry.

The CAUSE for this concert will be the Friends of Stark Parks. Have you visited our parks here in Stark County lately?

Tickets may be purchased online at or from present singers. They are $15 each, with a portion of that going to the cause.
A Chorus for a Cause is a group of singers making a difference…help us help them make a difference here in our community.

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