We are excited to introduce the 2019-2020 Experience Akron-Canton Guide!

For the first time in our history, the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the Greater Akron Chamber and Live Publishing to produce a joint comprehensive business and community guide that promotes Akron and Canton as one region.

As a Chamber member, you should have received a copy in recent days. Inside, you’ll find 128 pages jam-packed with all the wonderful professional opportunities and quality-of-life amenities we have collectively that make our region special. Dining, shopping, recreation, education, philanthropy, business, living and more…it’s all in this guide. 

You might be curious why we produced a joint guide with Akron. That’s a great question! In line with our strategic goal to engage in regional economic development along the I-77 corridor, we believe that projects like this leverage the combined strengths of the region in a way that will serve as a talent recruitment, business development, and community development tool for Akron, Canton and surrounding communities. Consider that:

  • Every day, 40% of our workforce crosses county lines, and is likely to consider work and play in any part of the region.
  • 2 million people live in the Akron-Canton region and don’t stop at county lines to enjoy our tapestry of food, nightlife, sporting and lifestyle amenities.
  • Our downtowns are only 23 miles apart, and in between are a number of related and connected assets, including the Akron-Canton Airport (featured on the cover) and a national park and trail system.

With that in mind, we invite you to not only read and keep the guide as a resource, but get out and explore the region we call home. We guarantee you’ll learn something new about Akron-Canton!

If you would like additional copies, please contact Brenda Smith at the Canton Regional Chamber at 330.456.7253 or