Fri. 12/19
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Community Event
Join everyone at The Wilderness Center
9877 Alabama Ave SW
Wilmot, OH
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The annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count provides wildlife management officials with census data they can use to develop management plans. One important aspect of this data for conservationists is to identify species which may be on the decline. The count lasts all day. You�ll join a team to cover a section of a 15-mile diameter circle surrounding the Center. We encourage teams of 4-6 people. Teams may return to the Interpretive Building for lunch and to swap information and sightings. To register or for more information, including start/finish times, contact Ben Morrison at 330-935-0398 before Dec. 1. Also, pack a lunch! The TWC Bird Club will provide a cup of chili to warm you, along with your lunch. Birders at all levels of experience are welcome and needed.