The Workshops, Inc. (TWi) recently started a new business unit called SureScan. It is a document imaging/scanning operation that complements TWi's “SureShred” document shredding and “SureCycle” computer recycling business units. SureScan takes archived paper files and electronically scans them into a database for easier and more productive retrieval than is possible while rummaging through mounds of old file boxes.

Every misfiled document costs $125.00 in lost productivity!

If you are overwhelmed by all the paper documents in your office, you’re not alone. Studies show that, on average, it takes 18 minutes to search for a document. With SureScan paper files are replaced with duplicate electronic images that can be easily searched for by using keywords such as name, social security number, and date of birth or employee number. SureScan customers find the electronic files easier to access and the space they save on file storage to be an added cost savings.  For more information about SureScan please visit TWi's website at or call Tim Casper at 330-479-7899.

For every 12 filing cabinets, you need an additional employee to maintain them! 

If your company, or one of your customers, has a need to electronically manage archived paper files please pass consider TWi.