[caption id="attachment_6749" align="alignright" width="300"]2013 Best of Show-Bob Rossiter-Royal Display 2013 Best of Show photo from Concert & Fireworks, by Bob Rossiter, Professional Photographer, Canton Ohio[/caption] CANTON, OH (October 7, 2013) – Professional photographer Bob Rossiter of Canton won the coveted “Best of Show” award and $250 cash prize in the 25th annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Photo Contest for his outstanding Concert & Fireworks photograph. The annual photo contest, sponsored by Western Reserve Group, was open to amateur and professional photographers alike, and any photos of outdoor Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival events qualified for entry. The photos were judged based on creativity, clarity, depth and color, overall composition and print quality, with ten photographers taking home cash prizes. Other professional photographers winning prizes included: Colleen Cleveland of Stow, with a $100 first place photo from the Balloon Classic/Jackson-Belden Food Fest & Fireworks. Deborah Penland of North Canton won $100 for her first place 2-Mile and 5-Mile Race photo. Tedd Perkins of Canton won a $25 honorable mention for his Community Parade photo. William Green of Louisville won $100 for his first place photo of the Ribs Burnoff. The non-professional category was led by Doug Froelich of North Canton who received $125 for his first place Drum Corps International Competition photo and his honorable mention photo for the Balloon Classic/Jackson-Belden Food Fest & Fireworks. Other $100 award winners in the non-professional category included Douglas Perry of Canton (Concert & Fireworks) and Lindy Anastis of Canton (Timken Grand Parade). Bobby Grizzard of Massillon won a $25 honorable mention for a Drum Corps International Competition photo, as did Toni Klingaman of Canton for a 2-Mile and 5-Mile Race photo. The winning photos will be on display at the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, located at 520 Cleveland Ave. N in downtown Canton, from Nov. 1 through Dec. 30. The photos will also be showcased on the Enshrinement Festival’s Web site at

More Enshrinement Festival winners announced

VXI Global Solutions won the 2013 “Creative Costume Award” in a popular competition for helium balloon sponsors in the Timken Grand Parade. Balloon handlers are encouraged to dress in costume to match the theme of their balloon. Entries were judged on creativity, energy level, entertainment value, and overall appearance. VXI coordinated their outfits to match the Golden Dragon balloon by dressing in traditional Chinese attire to play up their Chinese New Year theme. Frito-Lay (escorting Abby Cadabby) and Aultman Health Foundation (escorting Miss Muffet’s Spider) were both close seconds in the lively competition.