CANTON, OH (October 12, 2010) – The Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival General Chairman Alumni Association held its annual dinner on September 22. The event was emceed by Bill Schauer, current association president and 2006 general chairman. The association is comprised of all general chairmen of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce Enshrinement Festival committees since the Enshrinement Festival’s inception; members offer assistance to the Enshrinement Festival in the areas of sponsor recognition, promoting community awareness and support in planning and producing the annual festivities. [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="rand"] At the annual dinner, John Werren, 1997 general chairman, and Joanne Murray, Enshrinement Festival director, presented the 17th annual Individual Award of Merit to Ken Dansizen. Dansizen was recognized for his long-time service to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival, and specifically for the important contributions he made during the transition in recent years to a more collaborative working relationship between the Enshrinement Festival staffs and committees of the Hall of Fame and Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce. Dansizen is a 40-year Enshrinement Festival volunteer, with 2010 marking his tenth and final year as general chairman of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Enshrinement Festival committees. His early volunteer endeavors included service on the Grand Parade Committee, the former Mayor’s Breakfast Committee and Enshrinement Committee. During the award presentation, it was noted that throughout the years, he always reminded volunteers to have fun and enjoy what they do because their performance will reflect that joy. He was lauded for his exceptional dedication, diplomacy and decisiveness. The 16th annual Corporate Award of Merit was presented to J & J Refuse/Kimble Transfer & Recycling, a local family-owned mining and solid waste disposal company founded by Floyd and Doris Kimble in 1950. From 1994 to 2009, curbside recycling programs throughout the country have tripled and Stark County is no exception. Kimble and its affiliate, J & J Refuse, offer collection and processing of recyclables for residents throughout Stark County. In late 2008, the City of Canton implemented its first-ever curbside-recycling program for residents, and Kimble was selected to receive and process all of the city’s recyclables. In 2009, the company invested significant dollars for major renovations and expanded their services to include recycling of rigid plastics. They are committed to even further expansion in the future. J & J Refuse/Kimble Transfer & Recycling has been a loyal cash and in-kind sponsor of the Enshrinement Festival for nearly 10 years, offering generous support of the Balloon Classic Invitational/Jackson-Belden Food Fest & Fireworks and the Ribs Burnoff by providing much-needed equipment and services to accommodate the massive amounts of waste generated at these large, multi-day events. Similar services are provided at the Timken Grand Parade, and the company sponsors the Oscar the Grouch helium balloon, which is accompanied by their energetic J & J Refuse “dumpster divers”, a unit that has become a crowd favorite over the years. The award was presented by Ken Huot, 2008 general chairman, and accepted by Keith Kimble. Another tradition at the annual dinner is the initiation into the association of the most recent General Chairman. The ceremonial green jacket was presented by 2009 general chairman Barbara Hammontree Bennett to 2010 general chairman Dan Fuline, who joins 44 other women and men who have held this prestigious position over the years. He was commended for his extraordinary leadership and dedication to the enhancement and growth of the Enshrinement Festival. Fuline was especially recognized for his unmatched hands-on role in supporting all of the Enshrinement Festival committees. Fuline came to this leadership position with a broad and unique view of the festivities and an extensive amount of knowledge gained over the years he served on and chaired numerous Enshrinement Festival committees, including Security & Logistics, Communications and Balloon Classic Invitational, before joining the Souvenir Committee, which he chaired in 2008 for the third and final year prior to becoming general vice chairman in 2009. Fuline currently serves as CEO and executive director of Community Services of Stark County, Inc. In 2011, he will continue to serve the Enshrinement Festival as chairman of the Chamber’s Steering Committee.


PHOTOS (Photo: L to R) Individual Award of Merit to Ken Dansizen: Bill Schauer, Alumni Association chairman; John Werren, co-presenter; Ken Dansizen, award winner; Joanne Murray, co-presenter. (Photo: L to R) Corporate Award of Merit to J & J Refuse/Kimble Transfer & Recycling: Ken Huot, presenter; Scott Walter, Keith Kimble, and Ed Lee accepting on behalf of J & J Refuse/Kimble Transfer & Recycling; Bill Schauer, Alumni Association chairman.