Wed. 12/31
7pm to 9pm
Community Event
Join everyone at Merging Hearts Holistic Center
3751 Burrshire Dr Nw
Canton, OH
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In ancient times, specific harmonics were coded into the fabric of temples and other sacred sites. These involved the strategic use of magnetism, sacred geometry and measure, even water. But what science is now discovering is that these sites retain certain energetic fingerprints, and such information can be transferred to people who interact with them. What are these harmonics? How are they coding the water, the human mind and its state of awareness? How have such principles been proven inside genuine crop circles? And how is it possible that this �technology� is being applied in remote healing and radionic therapies? Discover a radical, practical spiritual technology. Freddy Silva is the author of Legacy of the Gods, Secrets in the Fields, The Divine Blueprint and many other books and DVDs. Books will be available for purchase. Book signing will follow lecture.