FREE CRIME PREVENTION PERSONAL SAFETY PRESENTATION BY THE CONNECTION—WOMEN’S PERSONAL PROTECTION on TUESDAY, MARCH 19th. Instructors are member of the AWSDA (Association for Women’s Self-Defense Advancement) and OCPA (Ohio Crime Prevention Association).  LADIES…something to think about...not a pretty thought, but picture yourself being mugged or attacked. How would YOU react? Could you bring your skills to bear without freezing, panicking, flailing or wasting crucial moments?  NEWS HEADLINES ARE REAL! Security and safety has become an issue of importance for everyone but especially for women.  It’s not about living paranoid, it’s about being smart and safe!
  • This is not a martial arts training class. Techniques are easy to learn.
  • Learn how to prevent verbal assaults from becoming physical.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with the most common attacks against women.
  • Learn techniques that will allow you to escape and/or disable your attacker.
  • Learn practical, simple techniques that can be applied to multiple situations even when adrenalized...and more!
 Come to the Plain Township Diamond Park Indoor Sports Complex  at 2782 Diamond Street NE for the FREE informative and empowering presentation. On Tuesday March 19th starting at 6:00 pm on the mezzanine level, The Connection-Women’s Personal Protection Demo Team will do a 90-minute crime prevention presentation that will include safety strategies, awareness training, verbal assertiveness, demonstrate physical defense techniques and more. In a spirited, informative and empowering presentation, the women’s personal protection demo team will present techniques, strategies and information that every women should know.  The presentation is open to the public, no need to pre-register, JUST SHOW UP! Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, co-worker are encouraged to attend together. The FREE presentation is an introduction to the 6 week course which will be starting on Tuesday evenings starting on March 26th. Come to the FREE demo and sign up for the classes.