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Some bands use their music to express their religion. Some bands use their religion to further their career and some bands try to use their music to convert listeners. Then there�s the band that left their religion behind to follow their true path of enlightenment, the ways of rock and roll. That band is Hey Monea! Growing up as a Jehovah�s Witness, you�re put on a path to evangelism at an early age. It�s all about spreading the word and converting the masses. For brothers Dan and Nate Monea however, they found a greater calling in the joy they found from playing music, specifically that which rocked� The brothers were not allowed to pursue the music they loved as teens, but they would choose to break out of the religious mold that had been chosen for them and seek their own path of true enlightenment. This path has taken them all across the United States in a mission of conversion that they truly feel they were meant to undertake� The brothers have left the church they grew up believing in, and Hey Monea! is their rebirth into their true calling. With bassist Adam Orin on board, the Monea brothers have created a unique sound that blends diverse influences of all genres but comes out sounding all their own. Dan�s unique tenor and blues-influenced guitar playing is the basis for a core traditional rock sound, but the band�s quest for groove and dynamic has led them to incorporate rhythms from all genres including Ska, Reggae, Motown Soul and straight up Zeppelin riff-rock. But it doesn�t end there� Hey Monea! is a young band that is always seeking to grow and learn. �Peoples� reaction to our songs make me want to write more songs, and better songs,� says Dan. �Whatever it takes� is the attitude that Nate feels summarizes how the band views their choice of career. In 2009, Hey Monea released it�s debut CD; �Wine, Women and Song�. The title is a tribute to some of the things that would inspire any young man in his early 20�s seeking their way in the world. The songs on the CD reflect the passion for the comforts they have found solace in while spending most of their days on the road going from town to town hoping to spread their message that �it�s OK to have a good time, as a matter of fact, people NEED to have a good time�. Hey Monea!�s mission is to be a band that will provide that cathartic experience whenever they walk onstage. And when people listen to their recordings, they want people to feel that same feeling. A �spiritual� release if you will� The CD�s first single �The Ballad of Moonbeam Swiner� is a testament to their belief in the good things that life can bring through people connecting whether in a relationship or through music. The song will be released to radio in 2010 and the band will begin touring heavily to support it because it�s all about the live connection with the audience for this band. You won�t need to look long or hard to find a Hey Monea! show. They�re coming to your town. They�re coming to any town. Because they love what they do and they do what they love. That�s the gospel of rock n�roll and Hey Monea! just wants to spread the good word�..