CANTON, OH (October 10, 2011) – The Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival General Chairman Alumni Association held its annual dinner on Sept. 21. The event was emceed by Bill Schauer, current association president and 2006 general chairman. The association is comprised of all general chairmen of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce Enshrinement Festival committees since the Enshrinement Festival’s inception; members offer assistance to the Enshrinement Festival in the areas of sponsor recognition, promoting community awareness and support in planning and producing the annual festivities. At the annual dinner, Barbara Hammontree Bennett, 2009 general chairman, presented the 17th annual Corporate Award of Merit to Lowe’s in grateful recognition of their long-time outstanding and generous support of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival. Since 1946, Lowe’s has grown from a small-town hardware store to a Fortune 500 company, but their commitment to their customers has never changed. Their company culture is focused on great customer service, respect and teamwork. In addition to offering quality products at great prices, Lowe’s has a long and strong reputation for maintaining high ethical standards and promoting community engagement. They maintain that they are able to do what is right for their customers and communities by doing what is right for their employees, and they promote integrity as one of their core values. Lowe’s has annually provided many of the materials and resources necessary to successfully plan and stage Enshrinement Festival events, particularly the largest outdoor events. Their generous support has been extraordinary and critical to the Enshrinement Festival’s ability to thrive. The award was accepted on behalf of Lowe’s by Tim Moore, regional vice president, Brett Bailey, district manager, and Bill Burmeister, commercial sales specialist. Another tradition at the annual dinner is the initiation into the association of the most recent General Chairman. The ceremonial green jacket was presented by 2010 general chairman Dan Fuline to 2011 general chairman Robert R. Timken, who joins 45 other women and men who have held this prestigious position over the years. He was commended for his extraordinary leadership and dedication to the enhancement and growth of the Enshrinement Festival. Timken was especially recognized for his unmatched hands-on role in supporting all of the Enshrinement Festival committees. In 2012, he will continue to serve the Enshrinement Festival as chairman of the Chamber’s Steering Committee. Additionally, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Chamber’s Enshrinement Festival department have begun to collaborate on plans for their 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2013, and Timken will chair the Chamber’s planning efforts.



Corporate Award of Merit to Lowe’s (PHOTO: L to R) Bill Schauer, Alumni Association chairman; Tim Moore, Brett Bailey, and Bill Burmeister accepting on behalf of Lowe’s; Barbara Hammontree Bennett, presenter. Robert Timken and Enshrinement Festival Staff (PHOTO: L to R) Joanne Murray (director), Laura Perry, Karen Khourey, Robert Timken (2011 general chairman), Tonya Stuck, Chris Gumpp, Kathy Lindenberger.