Tue. 2/24
6:30 PM to 8:00 pm
Community Event
Join everyone at Deli Ohio
328 Walnut Ave NE
Canton, OH
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WHERE: Deli Ohio located at 328 Walnut Ave NE, Canton, OH WHEN: February 24th, 2014 � 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Held every 4th Tuesday of the Month) Grab a sandwich to eat before the kitchen closes down at 7PM. What is the Homebrew Exchange? The idea of having a Homebrew exchange night was born from the success of our local Food swaps that are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Deli Ohio. From speaking to attendees and also others in the community, what we found is so many people also Homebrew Beers, Wines, Meads, Kombucha, etc and we thought it would be an incredible idea to get them all together for a night of merriment once a month and swap out the "brews" we've made and conversly, learn from others at the same time. This first swap night will be quite informal and we will take a reading during the night to see in what direction all who attend really want to take it for the following months. so far here are the guidelines PLEASE READ! PLEASE READ! The Homebrew Exchange is a gathering of Alcohol or other brew- loving folks, getting together to trade their homemade brews. You can be a homebrewer, vintner, fermenter or just someone who loves the homebrew scene. Wannabe homebrewers welcome as well. No money changes hands but instead attendees bring CLOSED bottles or jars of a homebrew that they wish to swap for something else. THERE WILL BE NO SAMPLING OF BREWS prior to swapping. PERIOD. IMPORTANT! THERE WILL BE NO SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS ALLOWED at this exchange. If you are unsure what a spirituous liquor is, here is a link to a list http://thelawdictionary.org/spirituous-liquors/ Basically, nothing that has been DISTILLED is allowed. There are state guidelines that we need to adhere to and this rule as well as the no sampling rule are the things needing to be done in order to keep us in compliance and on the right side of the law. What should I bring? Kombucha, Wine, Beer, Soda, Mead, just nothing distilled! We highly recommend you write out the ingredients in your brew as well as give an idea of a comparable commercial drink that it tastes like. How much should I bring? You can bring as few or as many items as you�d like to swap. Most people bring 6-12 of the same item. Some bring more and some bring less. You are welcome to bring more than one item. I�m coming, now what? Hooray! We�re glad you�re coming. All you have to do is register. There is no cost to participate. To attend it is appreciated if you pre-register. You can do that on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarkCountyCommunityTimeBank/events/ OR by sending an email to scctimebank@gmail.com and let us know your name, email and what you will be bringing! You are welcome to just drop in as well that night. Remember, the goal is two-fold. First, to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere with other brew-loving people. Second, to leave with nothing you brought from home, only swapped brewskies! The environment is very relaxed and casual, we are there to have some great fun and a good time! IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE TIMEBANK you can give yourself a Timecredit for bringing a brew to exchange. If you aren't a member...perfect time to join!