Morley Winograd, Consultant, Author, Speaker and On-air pundit June 24, 2014 Kent State University at Stark The University Center 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Morley Winograd is a consultant, author, speaker and on-air pundit delivering candid, informed insights on engaging Millennials. His predictions and often pithy analyses have appeared in (or on) The New York Times, The Today Show, CNN, USA Today, PBS NewsHour, NPR, Barron’s, Forbes, Reuters and Univision. Co-author with Michael Hais of three highly acclaimed books, “Millennial Majority” (2013), “Millennial Momentum” (2011) and “Millennial Makeover” (2008), Morley is a senior fellow at the University of Southern Californias Annenberg School’s Center on Communication Leadership and Policy. Based in Los Angeles, he is a regular contributor to several national publications, including: The Christian Science Monitor, The National Journal, New Geography and PolicyMic.  Registration Information: The event is limited to 75 registrants. To register, visit the Small Business Development Center, Kent State University at Stark Choose the Entrepreneur Experience tab.