Sat. 9/21
12pm to 2pm
Community Event
Join everyone at First Ladies National Historic Site
205 Market Ave. South
Canton, OH
Questions? 330-452-0876

For International Museum Day, we are holding a FREE musical performance in our First Lady Park of a antique Calliope Organ. Enjoy a glimpse from the past and hear old-fashioned circus music and soak up the last bit of this Summer weather!

This Calliope was originally used by a touring circus in South America and found its way to the Hoover Co. in the 1920s where it stayed until the close of the company. At this point the organ was brought to "Calliope Professor" Steven Espenschied, founder and curator of the Lake Township Historical Society. This calliope organ was originally operated by a gas compress air generator and has undergone two restorations so that it can still play today.

A Calliope Organ (calliope for short) is a musical instrument that produces sound by sending gas through large pipes or whistles using gas or steam. Click here to hear what a calliope sounds like!

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