Jared Detter

A psychologist with deep expertise in what makes people and organizations tick, Jared Detter has developed leaders and teams across the United States on a broad array of topics that drive organizational effectiveness.  He offers organizational consulting services to companies of all sizes and industries.

Jared Detter is an expert on how people think and behave. He has a Master’s degree in psychology, as well as a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. He has used this expertise as an officer in the US Air Force as a psychologist, helping people to become better versions of themselves. After separating from the Air Force, he joined the Psychological Services team for the San Antonio Police department, where he was trained as a hostage negotiator. It was during his tenure with the police department that he began applying principles of psychology to develop effective leaders. He then took a position in the greater Washington, DC region, consulting with companies all over the United States to help them achieve their highest human-capital potential. Dr. Detter has also received his MBA, with a double emphasis on ‘Management and Organizations’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’. He offers a wide variety of expertise to companies, to include: executive coaching, pre-hire executive assessment, culture change initiatives, change management, conflict management, high performing teams, climate assessments, leadership workshops, emotional intelligence, effective communication, behavioral interviewing, organizational alignment, and stress management, among others. His keen insight into how people think and behave allows him to work alongside leaders to capture a compelling vision for the organization’s future and bring everyone along to help achieve that vision. He is the founder of Profectus Performance Consulting. Dr. Detter is currently resides in Perry Township and completed his undergraduate psychology degree at Malone University.