Sat. 2/7
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Community Event
Join everyone at Exploration Gateway
5712 12th st NW
Canton, OH
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Do you love honey? Are you worried about the decline in bee populations? Are you fascinated by bees? Are you interested in local food and wildlife? Here's your opportunity to learn how to become a beekeeper! This 1-day school is considered by many to be one of, if not the best schools in the state. Free lunch, book and you will learn everything from A to Z about getting started, be connected with a mentor and have opportunity to purchase or make all the tools and supplies you need to get started all in one place. All for only $25 Do it! Stark Beekeepers Presents our 18th annual Basic Beekeeping Class on February 7th, 9am- 3pm. Sign Up at the Stark Parks Website: