Thu. 3/17
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Stark County Safety Council Event
Join everyone at Meyer's Lake Ballroom
3218 Parkway St., NW
Canton, OH
Questions? (330) 458-2070

Stress at Work; Stress from Work: Which is it & How Safety is at Risk!

Margie Roop, LPCC-S; CEAP; SAP, LifeServices EAP, Regional Director, Ohio will discuss the elements of stress that workers experience while at work, where it comes from, as well as the stress that is caused by our experience at work. There are differences but there are similarities. In either case, one’s personal safety can be compromised when a worker is in a state of stress, no matter its genesis. Ways of recognizing personal stress symptoms and techniques of de-stressing while at work will also be explored.

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