Sat. 4/25
9.00 AM to 4:00 PM
Community Event
Join everyone at The Wilderness Center
9877 Alabama Ave SW
Wilmot, OH
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A beautiful addition to any garden, native plants are well adapted to our local climate. These plants are also great for wildlife. The wide variety of native plants makes choosing what is best for you easy! Before or after you shop, join us for a seminar session to learn more about gardening. Sessions are $5.00 each and you can register beforehand or the day of the seminar. Cutting Edge Organic Gardening, 10-11 Lorree Cummings, Owner, Stone Cottage Farm & Garden Become part of the movement that is sweeping country when you join others who are returning to a simpler, cleaner, healthier and more responsible way of living through organic gardening. We will share the latest information on getting started, diversified planting designs, non-chemical pest control, increasing productivity through design and pollinators, extending the organic harvest and more. Medicinal Herbs in the Yard and Garden, 10-11 Karen Geiser, Gardener and Author of Local Choices You can grow medicine right in your backyard! We�ll look at 10 herbs that are easy to forage or grow in the garden and ways to harvest and use them. Rain Gardens, 11:15-12:15, Elaine Regas, Stark County Master Gardener Rain gardens are perennial gardens that are designed to capture and filter storm water runoff which provides benefits such as flood control and water filtration. Learn the importance of these gardens, their proper placement and the types of plants that do well in them. Extending the Gardening Season, 11:15-12:15 Cathy Henson, Stark County Master Gardener Can�t wait to get your hands �dirty�? Want some tricks to �fool� Mother Nature? Learn and perhaps share some techniques our grandparents used with great success in their gardens. We will incorporate old technology, new technology, recycling and up cycling to start the gardening season earlier and prolong into the fall as we add weeks to our Ohio gardening calendar. Visit or call 1-877-359-5235 for more information. Wildflower Walk, 1-2 Join The Wilderness Center�s Botany Club members, Tim and Paula Lavey, for a walk on the trails to learn the names of the native plants of TWC. Free program, no preregistration required. Visit or call 1-877-359-5235 for more information.