CANTON, OH (Aug. 16, 2010) – ystark! is back with round two of PerplexCity - the perplexing puzzle game that took downtown Canton by storm last year. The game will be held in downtown and BEYOND on Saturday, Aug. 28, beginning at 4 p.m. Gather a team of up to five players and make sure that the whole gang is ready for a challenge that will take you all over town in pursuit of confounding clues. You’ll discover new and exciting locations throughout the city as you make your way to different businesses on foot and by car. [youtube=] Each team will receive a clue to kick things off and then travel from clue to clue, revealing locations in downtown Canton and beyond to explore. Sound confusing? Don’t worry, we’ll provide instructions for everyone before the game starts. You’ll be competing against 20 or so other teams, all solving clues on the way to the finish. The winning team will be the first one to solve ALL of the clues and make it to the end of the game, where they will be lavishly celebrated! The cost is $50 per team, and team registrations must be made by Aug. 25 online at PerplexCity will be played rain or shine and begins in the Kresge Green Space along Market Ave. N between Third and Fourth Streets NW. Watch the PerplexCity video and register now at