Races The Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival is excited to announce that their 2-Mile and 5-Mile Races will be renamed to Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Pigskin Run. In recent months during the planning for this event, the committee expressed the desire for a name change since the word “race” doesn’t fully reflect the purpose and tradition of the event.  Serious runners who enter with the goal of winning overall or in their category and, therefore, consider it a true “race” are very important to the event, but there are also a vast number of people who enter either as recreational runners or walkers who are proud simply to cross the finish line, regardless of their personal time achieved.  The distances will remain the same as in the past, with a 2-mile course and a 5-mile course which will also serve as the course for the 5-mile competitive walk. Register online now at In celebration of the name change, another enhancement is the launching of a Pigskin Run “High School Pride Award.” When registering for the Pigskin Run, registrants will have the opportunity to enter the name of the high school they proudly support.  The high school garnering the most support will receive a traveling award that they get to keep until the 2015 winner is declared. In selecting a new name, Pigskin Run was the easy winner as it perfectly reflects the natural tie to the football theme that is central to the enshrinement of football heroes into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as part of the 24-event Enshrinement Festival held over a two and half week period for the enjoyment of nearly 700,000 people. All Pigskin Run participants will finish at the steps of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, offering great photo opportunities and the chance to visit the museum. Cash and/or other prizes will be awarded to top finishers in the 2-mile and 5-mile, and 5-mile competitive walk, and both serious and recreational runners are welcome to participate.  Additionally, there is a free Kids Fun Run for kids six and under.  It is for the purpose of getting kids interested in physical fitness at an early age so all participants are considered winners and will receive a medal after crossing the finish line.