Wed. 11/16
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Chamber Event
Join everyone at Shady Hollow Country Club
4865 Wales Ave NW
Massillon, OH
Questions? (330) 458-2070

Master the Six Inches Between Your Ears...Success is an Inside Job FIRST

Join us for the November AultCare QuickConnect Luncheon with Pamela Glowski, Miracle Resources.  At the November luncheon we will be celebrating our 5,000th guest, and it could be YOU! You’ll have a chance to win a SUPERFANTASTIC door prize!

Pamela will share these keypoints:
  1. No matter what we want to achieve, before we get started, we must key in on WHY it's important to us first. Why does it matter to ME?
  2. You can't do it for other people!
  3. HOW does it fulfill our purpose or ideal lifestyle?
  4. We must be REAL about what we are willing to do to achieve the goal.
  5. What fears, opinions of ourselves, or limiting beliefs will we have to change to not sabotage our success?
  6. Creating a formal ACTION plan and "Emergency Escape Route" is key to avoiding obstacles, staying disciplined and QUITTING before competing the goal.