Wed. 8/22
7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Stark County Safety Council Event
Join everyone at McCall's Restaurant & Banquet Center
130 Faircrest Ave SW
Canton, OH
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Featuring:  Al Abel, Lifting Specialist for Mazzella Lifting Technologies

Most workers, at one time or another, have had to handle materials on the job.  Material handling, whether done manually or with mechanical equipment, can be a major source of occupational injuries.  There are many different devices that can be used to “move loads”, however special care and training must be employed to insure the protection of your employees and property.

This presentation will cover safe crane operation but will also address the proper care, use and inspection of slings and below the hook lifting devices. Even if you do not have cranes and/or slings in your workplace…you will find the “safe lifting concepts” discussed will make sense for your workplace as well.  Mr. Abel will discuss the various forms of lifting devices available to you and reference the specific OSHA  and ASME standards that apply.