The Stark County Workforce Development Partnership (SCMWDP) recently held their annual meeting where members were approved, and the Board was expanded from four to eight manufacturing employer representatives. New Board members elected at the membership meeting include:

Shaun Eller from Ohio Gratings, Nichole Simmons from Miller Weldmaster, Tim Faciana from Knight Material Technologies and Mark Church of MT Systems. Officers of the SCMWDP include President James T Batchelder formerly President of The M. K. Morse Company, Vice President Thomas Schmidt from Barbco, Allen Green of H-P Products as Treasurer and Mike Hoffman retired - Lindsay Precast as Secretary. Board members represent all geographic corners of Stark County. 

The Board will oversee initiatives and programs that support the mission of addressing workforce shortages in the manufacturing industry by promoting manufacturing as a viable and stable career pathway in Stark County. A flash survey revealed 11 manufacturing employers will need to hire over 4,700 individuals over the course of the next 3 years in order to address expansion, retirements and turnover in the Stark County manufacturing workforce. There are more than 500 manufacturers in Stark County with 26,000 people currently employed at these businesses.

The Stark County Manufacturing Workforce Development Partnership (SCMWDP) is an industry-led, regional collaboration of manufacturers and other stakeholders who have come together to address the talent shortage in Stark County. Also known as an industry sector partnership, SCMWDP was organized to ensure that manufacturers have a voice and an active role in identifying the needs and solving the challenges related to attracting, hiring, training, and retaining a qualified workforce. We will work with other workforce development providers, programs, and initiatives in Stark County, aligning and supporting efforts rather than recreating or duplicating what already works.