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Heat Injuries

Heat injuries can be OSHA recordable injuries. Most importantly, heat injuries can lead to severe illness and even death! The most effective way to avoid heat related injuries and sickness are:

1) Stay hydrated: If you’re thirsty, then you’re already partially dehydrated. If you’re working in high temperatures drink plenty of water throughout the shift. Also, make sure you’re taking in plenty of electrolytes. Avoid iced tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages as they cause dehydration. Also, if you are going to drink alcohol the night before, drink plenty of water with it as alcohol will also dehydrate you.

2) Take breaks: When working in extreme heat you should implement a work/rest regimen that will help you prevent overheating, heat illnesses and heat injuries. Every person acclimates to heat differently, some people it effects and some it does not. The site supervisor should always have a plan in place when crews will be working in extreme heat.

3) Know the symptoms: Dizziness, light headiness, headache and feeling nauseous are all signs of dehydration and heat illness. If you start feeling any of these symptoms, contact your supervisor or safety supervisor. Sit down and rest, in shade or air conditioning if possible, and sip water. Wet rags on your wrists and the back of your neck will also help cool you down. Always watch out for each other.

Don’t overdo it! No one knows your body better than you. Work hard, but don’t over work yourself to the point of injury, you are not helping anyone if you go down with an injury on the job site. Know your limits!

Be sure to protect your family, too!

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