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Each month the Stark County Safety Council will be sending out a Safety Talk. These Safety Talks help educate your employees on safety hazards in the workplace and can be the first line of offense to protect them. This is a great way to teach OSHA emphasis programs, such as hazcom, fire extinguishers, fall protection and trench stand down months and document the training. This is another bonus of being a Safety Council Member, and a great resource for training purposes.

These Safety Talks will be emailed to you and also archived on the website to use again for your convenience. If you feel you have a relevant topic, and would like to send it in and we use it, we would gladly put your name on the Safety Topic for everyone to see.

Be SAFE on the ICE

Walking to and from parking lots or between buildings during the winter requires special care to avoid slipping and falling. Slips and falls are some of the most frequent types of injuries we see during winter months.

No matter how well the snow and ice is removed, employees will still encounter slippery surfaces. It is important to constantly be aware of these hazards and walk safely on ice and slippery surfaces.

Think prevention

In cold temperatures, approach with caution and assume that all wet, dark areas on pavement are slippery and icy.

Tips for walking safety on ice and snow:

* Wear your snow boots!
* Avoid shoes with smooth soles and heels.
* Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles; use the vehicle for support.
* Walk in designated walkways as much as possible.
* Taking shortcuts over snow piles and frozen areas can be dangerous.
* When walking on steps always use the hand railings and plant your feet firmly on each step.
* Point your feet outward like a penguin, bend slightly and walk flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over the feet as much as possible.
* Extend your arms out to the sides helps maintain balance.
* Don’t put your hands in your pockets, this decreases your center of gravity and balance.
* Take short steps or shuffle for stability.

If you should Fall:

* Try to avoid landing on your knees, wrists, or spine.
* Try to fall on a fleshy part of your body, such as your side.
* Wearing thick clothing can help prevent injury.
* Try to relax your muscles if you fall, you’ll reduce the risk of injuring yourself.
* If you fall backward, make a conscious effort to tuck your chin so your head doesn’t hit the ground with full force.

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