CANTON, OH (May 9, 2012) – Did you know that in 2011, two lives were saved in two different businesses in Stark County due to quick action, proper training, and the availability of an onsite Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)? The Stark County Safety Council, a committee of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, applauds Ohio Gratings and GBS (Malvern location) for having the foresight to be on the leading edge of workplace safety. Every workplace should have an AED. Now, the Stark County Safety Council is making it possible. To allow more companies and employers to get these life saving devices in their facilities, the Stark County Safety Council has partnered with one of its members, US SafetyGear, to secure a discounted price for the Zoll AED Plus for all Stark County Safety Council members and Stark County employers. This should be a serious wake up call to all of us. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a possibility at any time. It knows no particular day, time, place age or other parameters. Since we all spend at least one third of our day at work, what better place to have an AED in order to provide the best chance of survival in the event Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes? In addition to the discounted price of the Zoll AEDs, when the Stark County Safety Council purchases these units, it receives free units to distribute to area non-profit organizations and other venues, which should have AEDs available but may not be able to afford their cost. Your company can save a life, save money in preparing, and participate in making these units more common place in Stark County. For more information about the program and to order your unit, visit, or contact Connie Cerny at (330) 457-2061 or