Tue. 3/15
7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Stark County Safety Council Event
Join everyone at Meyer's Lake Ballroom
3218 Parkway St., NW
Canton, OH
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Safety Challenge to Leaders

A briefing on safety today, employee engagement and leaders who care.

Featuring: Kent McElhattan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Safety Council


Employers today need to be just as concerned about off the job safety as they are on the job. Whether an injury occurs at work or at home the cost of treatment will almost is usually paid by the employer’s medical insurance.


Kent McElhattan, Chairman of the National Safety Council, will explain why it’s imperative that organizations provide support programs and services to help their employees live healthier and safer lives – at work, home and on the road.


We are no longer accepting reservations for this event.  Please contact Connie Cerny if you have any questions.