Wed. 1/7
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Community Event
Join everyone at New Vision United Church of Christ
3129 Market Ave N
Canton, OH
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Welcome to a new year! We are proud to announce the informational meeting of the Stark County Community TimeBank at the new Vision United Church of Christ located at 3129 Market Ave N in Canton. It will be from 6:30- 8 PM. We ask that all interested Timebankers attend an informational meeting so they can fully understand the timebanking concept and be shown a tutorial on how to best use the Timebanking software. After attending the meeting you will be set up in the software and ready to start Timebanking. Just for showing up for this orientation meeting will earn you your first 2 Time Credits! If you cannot make this meeting we will have one at the same location every month, so don't fret! Feel free to bring a friend or family member along. Timebanking works better with more people! We are often asked if both a husband and wife need to both come to the meeting. The quick answer is yes as each of them will be set up with their own accounts. Children can come too! We encourage our youth to participate and we have some additional safety steps that are taken when setting up their account as well If you are already a member of the timebank then you do not need to attend, unless you would like to have a refesher!