Tue. 7/21
10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Community Event
Join everyone at The Wilderness Center
9877 Alabama Ave SW
Wilmot, OH
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Summer Days Enrichment One of the most important gifts we can give our children is a love of nature and the outdoors. Give this gift to your child when you participate in our Summer Days Enrichment program and learn about nature with hikes, games and crafts. Each session has been created to intrigue and challenge children of that age group and is designed for adults working with their child. Be sure to sign up for the grade level your child will enter in the fall. Preschool: July 23 & 24, 10-1:30 Exploring Nature: Enjoy exploration with your preschooler. We will introduce concepts of wild and tame and examine nature using all our senses. Children must be 4 years old by fall 2015 to register for this session. Kindergarten: July 28 & 29, 10-2:30 All About Animals: Expand your kindergartener�s understanding of the natural world and learn about the animals around them through games, crafts and outdoor exploration. Make a habitat collage. First Grade: July 30 & 31, 10-2:30 Animal Families: Introduce your child to the similarities and differences of animals. Catch insects, meet reptiles and amphibians, observe birds and touch mammal pelts. Second Grade: August 4 & 5, 10-2:30 Adaptations All Around. Help your child examine the ecological concepts of predator and prey and adaptations. Explore the pond with dip nets, pretend to be a spider, and catch insects. Third-Fourth Grade: August 6 & 7, 10-2:30 Finding Niches: Learn about producers, consumers, and decomposers when you examine natural communities. Make a worm terrarium and take a trip through the water cycle! Fifth-Eighth Grade: July 21 & 22, 10-2:30 Wetland Wanderings: Explore the animals that live in wetland habitats at TWC on the first day. On the second day, take a 5-mile canoe trip down the Tuscarawas to discover the ecology of the river. $24 per adult/child member pair, $34 per adult/child non-member pair, covers all materials and craft supplies for your two-day session. Additional children or adults are welcome with each pair, $12 for members, $17 for non-members. Canoeists pay an additional fee (approximately $10 per person) on the day we canoe. Preregistration required.