Thu. 5/22
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Community Event
Join everyone at Fox and Hound, Hosted by 3-D Business Accelerator
4834 Everhard Rd NW
Canton, OH
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We are a community based group that organizes events to bring entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and talent to talk, bounce ideas off of each other and maybe, just maybe, team up and make something happen in the business community. Here's what we are and what we do: We're 100% independent. We promise to give you a fair shot at presenting and pitching your idea at our events. You just need to send them in and get scheduled. We want to continue to build a strong business community here in Ohio and getting more people together will help make that happen. Canton is our latest "franchise" out from where we started in Central Ohio. Your Canton SunDown RunDown is completely independent from the other groups and is run by people from your community. The Canton group is just leveraging the things the Central Ohio group has already setup and bringing them to you. Plus the other groups just wanted yet another excuse to go out after work and grab a drink.