Thu. 5/22
6:00 PM to 8:00
Community Event
Join everyone at Fox and Hound, Hosted by 3-D Business Accelerator
4834 Everhard Rd NW
Canton, OH
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Partners, Friends and Local Media Outlets, 3-D Business Accelerator will be hosting the very first of many Quarterly Business Pitch Event Series on Thursday May 22nd, 2014 at Fox and Hound in Belden Village. (See the attached flyer for details) Basically, 3-D Business Accelerator is hosting a networking event that's bringing entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and talent together to make great connections and build some businesses. Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible. SunDown RunDown is a community based group that organizes events to bring entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and talent to talk, bounce ideas off of each other and maybe, just maybe, team up and make something happen in the business community. Here's what we are and what we do: We're 100% independent. We promise to give individuals and business entrepreneurs a fair shot at presenting and pitching their idea at our events. (Pre-registration is required) SunDown RunDown is conjunction with 3-D Business Accelerator wants to continue to build a strong business community here in Northeast Ohio, specifically Stark County. By getting more people together we will help make that happen. Please register by following this link: On the Presenter Card is: BeeGit � Local to Northeast Ohio - Beegit is the easiest and most productive way for teams to work together on content. Built to make collaboration possible from anywhere, it features an online word processor that keeps teams on track, simplifies version control and automates text formatting for web and print. All in a cloud system that keeps content safe. Forever. Buckeyehead � Locally owned novelty business and Jackson Resident Owned Foam Hat company for your head in the shape of a Buckeye. Vocal � What Gatorade is to Athletes, Vocal is to Voice, Functional Drink Company that regenerates your voice. The Mustard Man � Locally owned and operated mustard sauce company - "You should do something with this" was all I kept hearing! My contribution to tailgating events and holiday parties was an old family recipe that has been enjoyed over the years simply with pieces of cooked sausage links. Eventually, the mustard found its way onto burgers, brats, hot dogs, pretzels, kettle chips, deli sandwiches, etc. From my family to yours, enjoy the unique taste of The Mustard Man products! GiveNext - is an online and mobile dashboard where donors transact and manage their charitable giving in partnership with the causes they care about. Nonprofits improve donor retention and reduce fundraising costs while avoiding the annoyance of excessive solicitation � a key reason that donors stop giving. GiveNext markets to nonprofits that encourage their donors to use the application; donors add other charities into their personal portfolios; and then start making credit card and ACH gift payments. Donors have instant access to their giving records and tax reports. KnowYourCustomers - Provides a fast and easy way for companies to "Know Your Customers" in advance of entering into any business agreement. Voolla - At Voolla we turn volunteer skills into money for charities. We do this by providing an online marketplace where volunteers with skills are matched to buyers of those skills, with the proceeds going to charity We welcome the Township Trustees at this event as well and any local government from Stark County (Local State Representative, Mayors of the local cities, etc.). Considering the presenters, local charities and other non-profit organization may benefit from this event. Please spread the word. Any questions I can be reached via e-mail at, or We look forward to seeing all of you. Best wishes, Rob