Fri. 10/11 - Sat. 10/12
6:30pm to 8:30pm
Community Event
Join everyone at The Wilderness Center
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�Magic� fills TWC trails during the Enchanted Forest. Children and their adults have a fun, educational, but not scary, experience. Walk through The Enchanted Forest, escorted by volunteer Fireflies who light the way with lanterns. Along the trail, stop for brief programs by the creatures of the night who inhabit The Enchanted Forest. Meet Dirt who provides you with the food you eat, even though you walk on it every day. Glide through the woods with Flying Squirrel and learn about its nocturnal night life. Watch out for Skunk, who doesn�t bother anyone, but who can get rid of you in a hurry. Slide with Slug through the woods at a snail�s pace. Burrow with Crayfish who spends most of his time underground in mud tunnels. And greet Deer Mouse whose nervousness fits his character because he is a food source for many predators in the woods. Refreshments are served in the Interpretive Building after the walk. Children and adults are encouraged to wear costumes. Sign up early�The Enchanted Forest fills up quickly!