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The Future of Petrochemicals POST COVID-19 in the Appalachian Basin

What’s the world going to look like POST COVID-19?  Every industry is grappling for answers to this question.  At our 8th Annual Utica Downstream Conference, you will get a perspective for the experts who will be speaking at the conference.

The 8th Annual Utica Downstream Conference is probably the most relevant since there are a number of milestones that have occurred or will be occurring that will significantly change the downstream petrochemical industry in the Appalachian Basin.


  1. Increase Use of Single Service Products: The pandemic has reversed the movement to eliminate “single use” products and made the demand for single use disposals in all categories greater than ever.  The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) alone has seen an explosion in demand with prerequisite that the products be made in America.
  2. Reshoring: The myriad of problems getting all types of products from China during the early phases of the pandemic has led to federal and state programs to reshore many plastics companies.
  3. Shell Cracker Plant: The Shell cracker plant is approaching completion.  When in operation it will provide unmatched customer service and very competitive pricing to petrochemical and plastics companies in the Appalachian Basin.
  4. PTTGCA Cracker Plant: The PTTGCA Final Investment Decision (FID) is scheduled to be announced in February 2021.  The second cracker plant in the Basin will certainly provide petrochemical and plastics companies a more diverse selection of petrochemicals.
  5. Recycling: Recycling of plastic products will become more critical as the result of the pandemic.  Federal, state and local governments will have to work with the chemical and plastics industry to develop technology, programs and practices that result in less products going to landfills.

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