The new Embassy Suites Hotel in North Canton will be the site of Utica Summit IV, our final oil and gas seminar of the year. The date is Oct. 11.

Utica Summit is our downstream seminar. By that, we mean a seminar on the ultimate use of the energy being discovered in the Utica Shale. It could be to produce petrochemicals for the plastics industry. It could be to fuel transportation. It could be to create electricity or fuel the furnaces of industry. It could be to heat homes in distant states.

Dr. Iryna Lendel, PhD, an economist at Cleveland State University who studies the Utica, has said of our seminars: “The seminars provide access to the most current state of the Utica play, which is especially dynamic, particularly in the low-price environment.”

Speakers to date include:

Joe C. Eddy is President/CEO of Eagle Manufacturing, which produces more than 750 industrial safety and materials-handling products, many of them from high-density polyethylene. He is an advocate for regional ethane crackers that would create polyethylene

Tom Gellrich
returns for a fourth year to Utica Summit to explain why Shell’s historic decision to build an ethane cracker in Beaver County, Pa., is just the tip of the iceberg in downstream investments in the Appalachian Basin. These investments, made possible by the shale gas revolution, will transform the Basin for decades to come.

Charlie Riedl,
executive director of CLNG, will talk about how the capability of exporting or importing LNG, based on changing market conditions, will help to moderate the swings in gas prices seen in the past, create new jobs for Americans, and help grow the U.S. economy.

If you have interest in plastics and chemicals, transportation fuels, powers, or overall manufacturing advantages derived from Utica’s abundant energy, you will want to attend. Register early. Out last midstream seminar in June sold out.

For registration and questions, go online to or contact Dave Kaminski (330) 458-2059,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
8:00 am – 2:30 pm
Embassy Suites Hotel in North Canton
Cost: $275/person

We want to thank the Pro Football Hall of Fame and President and Executive Director David Baker for allowing us to make the Hall of Fame our location for Utica Upstream in April and Utica Midstream in June. Because of the revival of interest in Utica business opportunities, we have had to find a bigger venue for Utica Summit. We look forward to seeing you at the Canton area’s newest and largest hotel.