Efficient Government NowThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is requiring most local governments in Stark County to map their storm water conveyance system. Further understanding of storm water drainage will help governments respond to spills of hazardous materials.
However, the federal government provides no funding for this work. To reduce expenses, 11 units of local government in Stark County want to work together on this project. The mapping would cost these 11 governments a total of $1.4 million over five years if they each acted alone. They plan to share the cost of computers, software and other expenses so that the work would cost about $730,000 instead.
And they can cut another $100,000 off that expense if they win a collaborative government contest being conducted by, a contest in which the citizens of Northeast Ohio choose which projects receive funding. All Stark County’s project  needs is enough votes to be chosen as one of the top three projects on the website during the month of July.
Stark Countians can help by going to and voting for the project called: "Sustain a Greener Ohio" A collaboration to map the Storm Water Conveyance System in Stark County.
The governments collaborating on this project are:
  • • Stark County Commissioners
  • • City of North Canton
  • • City of Alliance
  • • City of Louisville
  • • Canton Township
  • • Jackson Township
  • • Lake Township
  • • Nimishillen Township
  • • Perry Township
  • • Plain Township
  • • Tuscarawas Township

Though only 11 governments are involved in this collaboration, the project demonstrates how Stark County’s local governments can work together to solve problems and save money. It can lead to other collaborations.
Take a moment to applaud good service by our government officials. Do so by going to and casting a vote for this project.