Sat. 6/10
  1. Mon. 6/12/2023
  2. Tue. 6/13/2023
  3. Wed. 6/14/2023
10am to 4pm
Community Event
Join everyone at Beech Creek Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve
11929 Beech St NE
Alliance, OH
Questions? (330) 829-7050

Come explore our outdoor art museum: Woven! ‘Woven’ is an interactive exhibit designed for visitors to walk through, touch, see in, out and through into the surrounding nature! We believe that the connection between art and nature is undeniable and this exhibit will weave that connection and inspire people to appreciate the beauty of Earth’s naturally designed art. Visitors are invited to share in the culture and creativity by creating their own woven art pieces and hanging them inside the larger structure. Each addition transforms the exhibit, making each visit unique all throughout the summer!

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