Meet ystark! YP: Amanda Sainato


Amanda Sainato



Occupation/Title/Place of work:

Healthcare/Practice Administrator/Hematology & Oncology Associates, Inc.

Why are you interested in Stark County’s Young Professionals initiative?

I think that it being involved in the area you both work and reside in, is important to assure you have a pulse of the community. Knowing how people are being impacted daily only helps you serve more thoughtfully.

What would you share to encourage other people to join?

That doing things to impact your community create more opportunities for all. Local is the way to go.

Did you grow up in Stark? If so, where? If not, where did you move from and why?

I did. Hartville! Still live in my childhood home that was purchased from my parents, whom purchased it from my grandparents.

Why do you stay in Stark County, from both a personal and professional point of view?

I stay for numerous reasons, but I have 4 small children which ultimately grounds me here. I wouldn't want to raise my family anywhere else. I feel they are getting a great public school education at Lake, in safe environment with great resources. We have access to many great Stark County parks and activities.

What do you like MOST about Stark County?

It feels like home. Access to both urban and rural within minutes if needed. Experience farm country and be in the city to go to a museum or eat at a good restaurant.

What would you change about Stark County if you could?

There are a lot of folks in more "upscale" areas like Hartville, that are below the poverty level; however, too proud to ask for resources. Non-Profits like "Love our Community" in Hartville are working hard to build concepts to support people in these areas. There are many opportunities to encourage more professional leaders in local non profits to make greater impact.

What do you see as valuable opportunities for YPs in Stark County when it comes to career opportunities, cultural access, leadership or community involvement opportunities?

Healthcare field can both be very taxing and rewarding. There are numerous private practices locally and two great hospital systems available for stable work. We have great charitable organizations that always need leadership involvement to help move the bar and gather exposure from community leaders which can create excitement and funding dollars.

What would attract more YPs to Stark County?

Truth be told, knowledge. I know a lot of YP's that know nothing about opportunities. Additionally, when you look directly into the "Canton" specific area - people don't see shiny and new.

What do you do in the evenings or on the weekends for fun in Stark County or NE Ohio?

For me as a mom, I look at children's activities. PARKS!!! Can't wait to get outside more. Biking and hiking is big for our family. Any free events for the kids throughout the summer. We love going to museums and being apart of festivities (balloon fest/HOF). As just adults, it is all about going to a nice restaurant, whether it is Canton/Belden or Akron and having a good meal.

Could you see yourself spending your lifetime in Stark County and if not, what would cause you to leave?

Absolutely!! My entire family is here and I can't imagine being anywhere else. Ultimately, I would love to have a vacation home at the beach someday, but ultimately this will always be HOME!