Meet ystark! YP: Benjamin H. Childers


Benjamin H. Childers



Occupation/Title/Place of work:

Engagement Director, CLA

Why are you interested you in Stark County’s Young Professionals initiative?

This organization (and others like it) do a tremendous amount of good in the community. They offer ways to channel resources to worthy causes along with aligning efforts and providing amazing social and professional engagement.

What would you share to encourage other people to join?

12 of my 15 best friends came organically from this organization and others like it. The next time you're bored consider that the YP's are out in the community making improvements in fun and engaging ways!

Did you grow up in Stark? If so, where? If not, where did you move from and why?

I grew up in Carroll County. Moved to Stark County after college to work at MAC Trailer.

Why do you stay in Stark County, from both a personal and professional point of view?

The people are lovely, organizations such as this are ever improving the surroundings and it has a luscious economy.

What do you like MOST about Stark County?

Canton Prom, it is indicative of all the ways the community helps and recognizes one another.

What would you change about Stark County if you could?

Complete route 30 to Pittsburgh which would open up the area to more people and economic growth.

What do you see as valuable opportunities for YPs in Stark County when it comes to career opportunities, cultural access, leadership or community involvement opportunities?

The Chamber events, the food bank, the museums and education, the local businesses, the wonderful events and fundraisers. So many things.

What would attract more YPs to Stark County?

Economic growth.

What do you do in the evenings or on the weekends for fun in Stark County or NE Ohio?

Fundraisers, events, general socializing, law school, etc.

Could you see yourself spending your lifetime in Stark County and if not, what would cause you to leave?

I see no reason I would not remain here for life.