Thu. 11/14
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
ystark! Event
Join everyone at Brewster Cheese
800 S Wabash Ave
Brewster, OH
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Join us to hear from the big cheese, Tom Murphy, President of Brewster Cheese!

You may be surprised to learn how far cheese from Brewster, Ohio goes. All 85 million pounds of swiss that is milked, made, tested, graded, aged and shipped 24/7 across the country to brands & products you likely have in your homes.

Tom will share his story of how he "wedged" his way into the industry and advanced his career.

With a quick tour of the plant, words of wisdom from Tom, and the chance to network with your YPs, you surely won't have any swiss holes in your day's professional development agenda.

SOLD OUT - join the waiting list, call (330) 458-2070.