Meet ystark! YP: Christopher Burr


Christopher Burr



Occupation/Title/Place of work

Information Technology: Data & Voice Support/Supervisor/Spectrum (Charter Communications) former Time Warner Cable

Why are you interested in Stark County’s Young Professionals initiative?

I am excited to be part of the YP's in Stark County, and hope that those recent college grads are able to experience the exciting adventure that I have been fortunate enough to journey on for nearly a decade!

What would you share to encourage other people to join?

You are an essential piece to Stark's future! Not sure where you fit in? I guarantee you will quickly find there are countless possibilities for you!

Did you grow up in Stark? If so, where? If not, where did you move from and why?

I grew up in Jefferson, OH (Ashtabula County) and moved to this area (North Canton) for college at Walsh University 2006-2010 (undergrad) 2012-2014 (Masters-MBA)

Why do you stay in Stark County, from both a personal and professional point of view?

Personally, Walsh University brought me to this area as I said "this is the place for me" when stepping foot on campus. Professionally, yStark and the career opportunities that Stark County has to offer, has rooted me in this county; allowing me to grow and learn throughout my Fellowship program with yStark, and providing me the opportunity of this career in business at Spectrum. I not only have grown in my career, but have gone back to school to further my education at Walsh, as well as joining community organizations such as the North Canton Jaycees, Canton Student Loan Foundation, and part of the Spectrum Community Team at work.

What do you like MOST about Stark County?

The hidden treasures! I love the parks, the amazing natural history of the area, the monument, and the overall kindness of those in passing.

What would you change about Stark County if you could?

I have seen amazing growth in this area from when I first stepped foot in this county back in 2006. While there are some excellent career opportunities, I still know many people who commute to Cleveland or Columbus on a regular basis for work. Perhaps attracting larger firms/industries to the area, utilizing the airport (expanding if needed) to benefit the overall economy, and work with the many logistic/freight companies in the area to allow Stark to become more of a central hub.

What do you see as valuable opportunities for YPs in Stark County when it comes to career opportunities, cultural access, leadership or community involvement opportunities?

Stark County is an ideal "jump-start" package for today's YP! You have an excellent array of college options: Kent, Stark State, Walsh, Malone, Mount Union. When it comes to career's - you have traditional large industries that are always hiring and promoting within, as well as cutting edge tech startups. The more you get involved, the more you find the opportunities multiply. I challenge you to find an area that allows you to clearly achieve your goals through community involvement. YP's of Stark are passionate about who they are, where they came from, and the success of others--this shines through in all they do!

What would attract more YPs to Stark County?

Stark promotes within exceptionally well! I would like to see us attract more from the big three competitors that drain the talent from Stark county after students graduate college: Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh for example.

What do you do in the evenings or on the weekends for fun in Stark County or NE Ohio?

I stay busy with work during the weekdays, but enjoy taking in the best of Stark Parks or Hoover Trails for recreation and daily fitness (running). Spring/Summer you will find me starting my day on the McKinley Monument stairs. I enjoy the excellent array of entertainment and restaurants to catch up with friends and family at. Some of my recent favs are Gervasi: Still House, H2, and Maize Valley! If it's a First Friday, you can guarantee I'm all over down town!

Could you see yourself spending your lifetime in Stark County and if not, what would cause you to leave?

Absolutely! In fact, I really dug my roots deeper, about 2 years ago now, when I purchased my first home in North Canton/Plain Township!