Wed. 9/23
11:00 a.m. to Noon
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As if a global pandemic, an economic crash, massive protests over racial injustice and all manner of natural disasters weren’t enough, it’s also a presidential election year!?  Thanks, 2020!    If you thought social media was a political dumpster fire before, you’re likely to suffer from severe smoke inhalation over the next two months as the campaigns burn even hotter. 

Join Canton Chamber Vice President of Public Policy Jeff Dafler for a webinar on September 23: Election 2020 – WTF (What’re The Facts)!?  Jeff will cut through the noise, walk through the ins and outs of voting in this election, and share some tips for getting through the craziness to come.  Does mail-in voting really pose a serious fraud threat?  How can I vote safely during a pandemic?  Who’s on the ballot beyond two septuagenarians running for president? What’s the point anyway? Tune in to find out more!

Cost: There is no cost to participate, but please register September 22 by 5:00 p.m. 
You will receive a Zoom link prior to the event on September 23.