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8 Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a broad concept. As young professionals, we invite you to think of wellness as meaning being healthy in many dimensions of our lives. That includes the following 8 dimensions: emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, and spiritual parts. These dimensions are interconnected, one dimension building on another. 

All dimensions of wellness need our attention for us to truly flourish. Every aspect of wellness can affect a person’s life. Working toward all of them in one way or another is a great goal, because wellness relates directly to the quality of a person’s life.  

In this 2-hour, Whole YP Wellness Workshop, you will take a dive into each of these 8 Dimensions of Wellness. We naturally have our own priorities, approaches, and aspirations, including our own views of what it means to live life fully. The workshop will help you gain a better understanding of how you can find a “personal harmony” among these areas of your life, positively affecting your health, well-being, and quality of life. 

About the Whole YP Series: Throughout 2020, young professionals experienced a level of stress and anxiety unlike no other. Between a global pandemic, loss of social and emotional connections, and extreme professional burnout, many YP’s expressed their increasing concern. ystark! recognizes that there are many factors that contribute to being a flourishing “professional”. In this ongoing series, we will feature events and activities  that contribute to a healthy, vibrant young professional, beyond the traditional networking and professional development opportunities. The Whole YP Series is sponsored by the Akron-Canton Airport.

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