Meet ystark! YP: Nick Doyle


Nick Doyle

Occupation/Title/Place of work

National Sales Executive/Board Vice President/The Improvaneer Method - Stand Up For Downs



Why are you interested in Stark County’s Young Professionals initiative?

This is a great way to connect young professionals that are local to Stark County who share the same interests and passion to improve our community.

What would you share to encourage other people to join?

There are a ton of on-line professional networks but nothing can replace the personal connection people make when they get together in person and exchange ideas. The energy created is like lightening in a bottle.

Did you grow up in Stark? If so, where? If not, where did you move from and why?

Yes - I was born and raised here.

Why do you stay in Stark County, from both a personal and professional point of view?

The quality of life here is great. Housing is affordable compared to other areas of the country. I love the change of seasons for year round activities. There is a lot to do here that interests me like music and sports and if I need or want to go anywhere else, CAK is a great airport to use, right in my own backyard.

What do you like MOST about Stark County?

I really love a lot about our community - but I guess my favorite is the Hall of Fame, the park system and there are SO many amazing restaurants to choose from. Because I don't drive, I tend to stay near Canton so that is what I am most familiar with.

What would you change about Stark County if you could?

I would love to see improved access to public/affordable transportation. I don't drive and the transportation I have access to either is expensive or GREATLY extends the commute time. A fifteen minute drive sometimes can take 90 minutes!! Also - beyond just Stark County, maybe even something that connects us to the larger cities like Akron, Cleveland and Columbus.

What do you see as valuable opportunities for YPs in Stark County when it comes to career opportunities, cultural access, leadership or community involvement opportunities?

Stark County offers a significant number of opportunities for young professionals whether they want to work in a mid to large size corporation like Timken, Aultman or Diebold for example or build their own company and be an entrepreneur. There are many groups that help mentor young entrepreneurs. Also - I have found that the Chamber is a great place to get information about community organizations that need volunteers. No matter what your passion is, there is usually a good match for you.

What would attract more YPs to Stark County?

Affordable housing, access to transportation (airports, high speed trains, etc), vibrant nightlife and entertainment, high tech infrastructure

What do you do in the evenings or on the weekends for fun in Stark County or NE Ohio?

I'm a sports and music guy so I typically will hit up some games, either local high school/college or the Cleveland teams. Also love to catch live music anywhere - lately I have been loving the Centennial Plaza downtown Canton. But many of the smaller restaurants and bars are bringing back live music.

Could you see yourself spending your lifetime in Stark County and if not, what would cause you to leave?

Absolutely plan to stay here for the rest of my life (unless my family decides to relocate after retirement).