Meet ystark! YP: Bayley A. Porter


Bayley A. Porter

Occupation/Title/Place of work

Coordinator of Partnerships and Events
Hall of Fame Village powered by Johnson Controls



Why are you interested in Stark County’s Young Professionals initiative?

I feel this is a great way to make connections with other people in my community and learn more about the companies they work for.

What would you share to encourage other people to join?

I would share how important it is to make connections within your community and how important it is to get involved.

Did you grow up in Stark? If so, where? If not, where did you move from and why?

Yes, born and raised here in Stark County.

Why do you stay in Stark County, from both a personal and professional point of view?

My entire family lives here in Stark County. Family is the most important thing for me. My job at Hall of Fame Village powered by Johnson Controls is my dream job and I hope to see the Village develop right in front of my eyes and see it grow everyday

What do you like MOST about Stark County?

I love the small town community feeling while being a big area. It is that place that no matter where life takes you, you always return back to Stark County because it is a forever home.

What would you change about Stark County if you could?

I wish people saw how special this area is. How much character and history Stark County holds. We have so much to offer but people who tend to live here, especially younger generations, they cannot wait to leave because they do not see how special Stark County really is and all the opportunities it has to offer.

What do you see as valuable opportunities for YPs in Stark County when it comes to career opportunities, cultural access, leadership or community involvement opportunities?

Getting involved in any way possible. Whether that be volunteering, or visiting local restaurants or museums, or even joining organizations. Meeting new people is never a bad thing. I truly believe you learn something important from every person you meet.

What would attract more YPs to Stark County?

More activities that can get young professionals out into the community. Something that will get them involved with the area and learn how special this area truly is.

What do you do in the evenings or on the weekends for fun in Stark County or NE Ohio?

One of my favorite events is the First Friday Events. I love the atmosphere and being in the heart of downtown Canton with friends and family.

Could you see yourself spending your lifetime in Stark County and if not, what would cause you to leave?

I see myself spending my lifetime in Stark County. Staying close to friends and family is so important to me and I see this county as my forever home. Even when I was away for college coming back to Stark County was always the plan.