Shepperd Investors_Shepperd FrederickThe economy is expanding in the United States but not in Europe. That is why Frederick Shepperd of Zurich, Switzerland, believes investment in the United States is attractive to wealthy European families and institutions. Shepperd, a native of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, who now runs Shepperd Investors AG in Zurich, will speak about the potential for European business investment in Ohio when he appears at Utica Summit III on Oct. 13 at Kent State University Stark’s Conference Center. A co-production of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, and The Repository, Utica Summit III is an annual conference featuring speakers who examine the “downstream” effects of Utica energy on manufacturing and other economic activity. Shepperd advises European family offices and institutional investors. He says these investors are “quiet” and willing to take the long view rather than being driven by a company’s quarterly earnings reports. These investors are furthermore interested in U.S. energy-based investments, he says. There is great opportunity to make these investors more aware of the Utica’s inexpensive and abundant natural gas finds, he believes. To understand why the United States may be attractive to European wealth, one could look at a comparison of gross domestic product growth in the second quarter 2015: It was 3.7 percent in the United States, 0.3 percent in the Euro Area countries. Born in Dover, Ohio, Shepperd is a graduate of University of Akron and Capital University School of Law. Shepperd Investors is a successor to family real estate investments that began in Tuscarawas County in 1918. To register for Utica Summit III go to Sponsorship information is available from David Kaminski at the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce:, or (330) 458-2059.