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Featured ystark! YPs

ystark! recognizes and uplifts the YPs who WORK, PLAY & STAY in Stark County. Learn who they are and why they choose Stark. Sharing these stories goes a long way- especially as we endeavor to create a younger, growing and more prosperous community! The Work, Play, Stay campaign is sponsored by Aultman.

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Latest YPs

Jan AlmasyBrand Strategist/Owner, Apex Communications Network

Meet ystark! YP: Jan Almasy Name Jan Almasy Occupation/Title/Place of work Brand Strategist/Owner/Apex Communications Network Age 26 Why are you interested in Stark County’s Young Professionals initiative? I believe wholeheartedly that change in a community starts with relationships. The best way I’ve found to form relationships with other people looking to make a change in…

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