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Chamber Member's Podcast

by SHAN Productions

The Chamber Members Podcast, a weekly podcast series, gives you an inside look at the businesses that make up our vibrant community. Each week, members of the Canton Regional Chamber sit down with a fellow Chamber member to learn about their story, insights, and connection to the Canton Regional Chamber.

Discover What Drives Local Business Owners

What motivated them to get started? How do they view success? What challenges have they faced? Find out first-hand in candid conversations designed to inform and inspire.

Gain Tips and Advice for Your Own Business

The entrepreneurs and business leaders interviewed share practical takeaways from their own experiences building a company in our region. Learn from their wins, losses, and hard-earned wisdom that you can apply to your own business journey as a member of the Canton Regional Chamber.

When you tune into the Chamber Members Podcast, you’ll walk away feeling connected, enlightened, and motivated to support the thriving business community in our area. New episodes released each week!

Thank you to our member hosts, Sean Hetrick of SBS Consulting and Andre Cairns. The podcast is produced by Pedal Stomper Productions.

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