Public Policy

The business community has told the Canton Regional Chamber to become a stronger voice of business advocacy in public policy. The Chamber took clear steps in that direction in 2015. Here are two highlights. We contributed to a statewide chamber effort to resist imposition of new business taxes in Ohio, and we campaigned against the statewide marijuana initiative. In 2016, the Chamber anticipates attempts at passing initiative amendments on minimum wage and marijuana — again. For every issue we can see coming, there are more issues that will surprise us. We must be prepared for surprises.

The Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce serves as an effective advocate of business interests by arriving at consensus positions on issues that clearly affect business growth and well being. These issues may take the form of proposed legislation or regulation. And because of our geographical place in Ohio, as one of the Utica Shale counties, our advocacy will specifically include energy legislation and regulation.

Our public policy initiatives are led by Steven Meeks, Chief Operating Officer, who can be reached at 330.458.2088 or